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Nieuws webarchivering (februari 2017)

Laatst bijgewerkt op 173 dagen geleden door Antal Posthumus

Are-web-archives-failing-the-modern-web-video-social-media-dynamic-pages-and-the-mobile-web - Forbes, 24 februari 2017 "The problem is that the web is no longer built upon the simple premise of a collection of small static HTML and image files served up with a simple tag structure and readily parsed with a few lines of code. Today’s web is richly dynamic, multimedia and increasingly broken into walled gardens and device-specific parallel webs."


The-internet-is-incredibly-fragile-1-heres-how-archivists-are-scrambling-to-save-it - Deseret News, 24 februari 2017  "Archivists, including Abby Smith Rumsey, a historian, former Library of Congress archivist and author of the 2016 book “When We Are No More: How Digital Memory is Shaping Our Future,” are quick to point out that we can’t, and probably shouldn’t, save absolutely everything."

Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media information are State records -, 6 februari 2017
"Following our posts on text messages and messaging services, we would like to remind NSW public offices that messages or information posted on social media channels/sites/platforms are State records."

Trump's fleeting tweets alarm archivists - Politico, 5 februari 2017
"Because some of Trump's headline-grabbing, market-moving tweets might never become part of the presidential history books, archivists fear that Americans could be left with an incomplete record of how the United States was governed in the Trump era."

A breakthrough year for web archiving in 2016? - Digital Preservation Coalition, 3 februari 2017
"After twenty years, it feels as though we may be a little closer to not having to explain what web archives are, and why digital preservation matters." 

Patent Owner’s Challenge to Wayback Machine Evidence Fails - The National Law Review, 2 februari 2017
"In its final written decision, the PTAB determined that Wayback Machine exhibits were sufficiently authenticated and reliable to withstand a motion to exclude."


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