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Chicken and the Egg: Applying Digital Preservation Approaches to Social Media at DPASSH 2017

    Marcel Ras
    • iedereen (publiek zichtbaar)
    Door Marcel Ras in de groep Kennisplatform webarchivering 65 dagen geleden

    Een interessante paper van Sara Day Thompson over het archiveren van sociaal media. De paper  Zie hieronder een korte Engelse samenvatting en een link naar de paper zelf.

    For the past decade, the conversation about social media research has centred on access and sharing – perhaps understandably given the restrictions imposed by platform terms and conditions. However, despite the challenges, the conversation about long-term preservation should not be drowned out by issues of access.

    The lessons of community building and advocacy developed through digital preservation provide a useful model for preserving social media. Increasing public knowledge about the benefits of social media research and heritage collections has the potential to bolster reform of social media data policies. If these valuable records have any hope of surviving, research and collecting institutions must take an assertive stance towards preservation and advocacy.

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